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35 years of experience

About AKK Joinery

With a history spanning more than 35 years, AKK Joinery have cemented its position as an industry-leading joinery company in the UK.

Our joinery work is delivered by a team of master woodworkers who have a real passion and appreciation for their craft. Meticulous detail, creative design and robust build all come together to offer our customers a level of workmanship that is unmatched in the industry. The joiners at AKK are fueled by their desire to create something beautiful, unique and entirely fit for its intended purpose.

About AKK Joinery

Drawing from the joinery’s rich history, and combining it with modern innovations, tools and materials; our crew of artisan joiners excel in their capacity to design, plan and build bespoke pieces for the commercial and residential markets.

From custom-built staircases and wine cellars to loft conversions and kitchens - there’s not a single aspect of joinery that our team cannot do. All of our work meets our client's specifications, and our own uncompromising standard for exceptional quality, attention to detail, and lasting appeal.

We know how to join wood in ways that offer strength and support along with elegant design and a sumptuous aesthetic.

High standard of craftsmanship

Why choose us?

Frequently recommended due to our exceptionally high standard of craftsmanship, broad knowledge and attentive customer service, our customers trust AKK Joinery to provide exactly what they need.

Get in touch with us today to discuss your requirements, and we’ll give you a free quote.

We are based in Essex

AKK Joinery specialises in the creation of bespoke furniture, precision-cut MDF, wood spraying and painting and windows and doors for your home or business.

We cover a 150-mile radius from Brighton to Norwich, meaning we can provide our expert joinery services across a vast area.

For over 3 decades, AKK Joinery have consistently delighted and impressed our customers with our attentive service and love for what we do, and we plan to continue doing so for many years to come.