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Furniture Spraying and Painting Essex
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Fruniture Spraying and Painting

When it comes to wood spraying and painting, AKK Joinery offer a huge range of colours and finishes for wooden furniture that’s already assembled, or for something new, crafted by our own hands.

We love wood because of its fine patinas, tactile allure and rustic scent. Even in its rudimentary form, wood offers a delight and atmosphere like no other. It’s why it’s been a mainstay in people’s homes for centuries and continues to serve us in building and decoration today.

Whilst we love to sing the praises of wood in its unaltered form, it’s undeniable that with the addition of modern paints and their selection of finishes, wooden furniture and constructions are transformed into something unique, often striking and beautiful in their own right.

Our painting and spraying services are as expansive as our knowledge of joinery. We have colours to match any taste and finishes to suit any environment.

Satin/Matt Paint

Soft, delicate and understated. A matt or satin finish works particularly well with pastel colours or subtle hues and shades. Satin and matt finishes invoke a sense of minimalism and blend seamlessly with the curves, grooves and edges of professionally cut wood.

Our massive range of satin/matt finishes start at £33.99 per square meter. It’s £8 more for darker colours and an additional £9 for shaker style / gorved or integrated handle.

Wood furniture painting in Essex


Striking, clean and giving a touch of class to any wooden surface, gloss has been a popular choice of wood finish for many years for the way it reflects light and makes the colour pop.

A gloss finish gives a shine of refinement and keeps a wooden surface looking fresh. It’s also great for accentuating the shape and form of the wooden construction.

To have your wood finished in gloss, the prices start at £88.99 per square meter. We charge £10 more for darker colours and for shaker style / gorved or integrated handle.

Like Satin/matt, there is an abundance of colours to choose from.

Wood furniture spraying Essex
Wood furniture spraying Essex
Wood furniture spraying Essex

Veneer/ Wood Clear Lacquer

Favoured by purists and those looking to exhibit the natural patina, texture and knots of their wood. Veneer or wood clear lacquer protects and seals the wood from water damage and light surface marks whilst retaining its natural charm.

This finish starts at £18.99 per square meter. Darker colours are £8 more and an extra £9 for shaker style / gorved or integrated handle. We offer this option in different sheen levels according to your preferences and requirements.


Finish off the edge of wooden fittings such as work surfaces with our range of edgebanding options.

Our natural veneer edgebanding is available from £1.99 per linear metre and can be supplied in thicknesses of 0.4mm, 0.9mm, 1mm, 2mm or 3mm. It comes in widths from 16mm to 50mm.

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AKK Joinery for your wood painting/spraying needs

Take advantage of our breathtaking range of colours, professional finishes and competitive prices by having your wood painted or sprayed by the experts at AKK Joinery.

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Primer Only

If you’re looking for primer only, our prices start at £17.99 per square meter and we can supply any colour you like.

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wood painters Essex
wood painters Essex
wood painters Essex